Human Resources

Managing the workforce, HR data & Complying with Regulations

The rapidly changing technology has bought many enhancements in the HR industry. These enhancements have addressed the major challenges faced in the industry. RIG uses different technological innovations in solving the issues of HR professionals. Here are a few key areas where RIG is guiding HR professionals in assuring their organizational compliance:

Managing the organization’s Compliance & Employee Experience

The core concern for most HR departments across organizations is maintaining employee benefits packages. Technology is important when it comes to managing these benefits. RIG incorporates technology and software solutions to administer all the tasks related to benefits. While many companies are scaling back on incentive packages, HR departments are looking to secondary benefits to attract new talent. Using technology to form a central hub of benefits information makes it much easier for people to take advantage of these perks and can help attract top talent. RIG can help HRs in streamlining your benefits administration and managing compliance.

Performance Management

Ensuring that employees are doing their job to the best of their abilities is another common challenge for HR departments. According to most HR professionals, performance management is an issue they were most concerned about.

Technology is now an integral part of human capital management, and an effective business intelligence program can help gauge employee performance. The software platform should include a user-friendly dashboard that can report on a variety of data sets in real-time, so management can immediately address any issues. Technology can also help employers maintain other areas of performance. RIG Incorporates technology to help you monitor employee effectiveness and track essential components such as time and attendance.

Changing Regulatory Requirements

Keeping up with changing regulations is one of the key concerns for Human Resource sector. Changes in healthcare, tax codes, financial reporting, employment laws, and industry regulations have all led to HR looking for a technology solution. The sooner an HR department fully integrates their processes into their technology solution to address HR challenges, the faster they can gain a competitive edge and satisfied workforce.

So, RIG has developed a SaaS-based software solution OnBlick, for addressing these complex challenges. The primary objective of this application is to ensure the HR & immigration compliance of an organization. It also stays up-to-date with all the enhancements in the US immigration rules and regulations which helps employers in aligning the processes, employee’s data and tasks according to the updates.