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Here at RIG, we create great User experience designs. The creation of User Experience process may differ according to the type of website or application we are developing. Let us walk you through our User Experience Design (UXD) process, which is how we create great user experiences.

Stakeholder Interviews

We start the process with interviewing the stakeholders to find out what are their business goals and what they expect out of a final product, e.g. a website, application, or software product. It’s critical to understand what final product they have envisioned. These interviews usually build around a problem statement, and then it's on us in finding the best possible solutions to that problem. Problem statement translates to the business needs which provide a clear picture of what’s the basic reason to develop a particular product while uncovering unexpected viewpoints.

User Research

While stakeholder interviews give us insights into what is the business goal of a product, user research tells us what features users expect from the product. We can understand what type of users fall within the target audience, what are their behavior patterns, what they expect from the product, etc. We create user personas or user profiles to get into end-user's mindset and identify user journeys to know exactly what steps different users take to complete a specific task in a system.

Requirements Gathering

It’s important to do the previous steps right in order to create an accurate requirements definition document to describe product overview, business perspective, functional requirements, technical requirements, usability requirements, assumptions, project constraints, and more. The entire design and development activities are done as per the requirements mentioned in this document; therefore, requirements should be described meticulously so as to keep the project on the right track.

Information Architecture / Wireframes

Information architecture (IA) and Wireframes are all about organizing the content and flow of a website or an application, so that users can complete their tasks and achieve their goals easily. Wireframe is the skeleton of a web page or an application. It shows the priority and organization of various elements on the screen, and how all these elements fit in to the overall structure of a website.

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