Application Development

Developing Applications to meet Client Requirements

Technology – A word which has created a revolution in almost everything. From entertainment to business, the change that technology bought in our lives is phenomenal. Moving forward and aligning with this ever-changing technology is our primary goal in meeting our customer requirements. So, we develop applications that help our clients in meeting their end goals. Our expert team at RIG focus on deploying the applications that are web, mobile and desktop compatible. Here is the step by step process we follow in identifying our client requirements and developing the application:

Understanding the Requirement before Planning

Planning without understanding will only lead to discrepencies in the data. So, understanding our client requirements is our basic motive in creating a solution for data management. Getting proper inputs from the client or the stake holder marks the beginning of our work. Having a precise vision of their requirements makes our plan of action a reality.

Defining & understanding the End-user goals

Understanding the customer requirements and analyzing all the aspects is the key to develop an application. Our developers integrate with specialists in gathering all the requirements and understand what exactly does the customer need and what issues can occur in the developing process? This phase majorly involves communication between stakeholders, project team and users.

Creating the Storyboard

This phase mainly focuses on getting a clear idea of what the application should like and what all features should be included. Our team works on integrating ideas to the proposed features into a functional app. We create a storyboard that demonstrates the connections between each screen and how users will navigate through the app.

Developing the Application

The next step is to move to the programming and coding phase. Our team creates the actual screens used in the application. These screens represent the interface your users will eventually use to interact with your app. So, we make sure our designs incorporate all the ideas and feedback collected during the earlier testing phase. After all, we are creating an application we want your customers and target audience to enjoy using, so UI/UX details matter.


This is an important phase in the application development lifecycle. To have a complete app we need to rigorously test the app in a variety of real-world scenarios to sniff out and correct any technical flaws.

Deploying the Application

Deploying the application is the final step in deciding the success of the project. An application that meets the customer requirements and aligns with the technology enhancements is the best solution provider.

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