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OnBlick HR

OnBlick is developed with the primary motive of streamlining HR and Immigration processes. It is a comprehensive & integrated system which stays up-to-date with the ever-changing immigration regulations and ensures your organization’s compliance.

The Problem

Most HRs are usually not up to date with Complex & ever-changing HR & Immigration Regulations leading to compliance failure. Even when certain applications address this concern, there is no comprehensive & Integrated System available to guide the HR around all the processes. So, they either use ineffective, unintegrated systems or manual processes, leaving scope to human error and resulting in hefty penalties for the organizations.

The Solution: OnBlick HR

So, we have developed a SaaS-based software OnBlick, that resolves all these complex challenges. It assimilates data and US immigration processes under one integrated platform to address all the complex immigration challenges.

OnBlick’s SOC predictor helps employers to understand the Specialty Occupation Codes (SOC) & wages, which is the main reason for denials. They can now file and track the H-1B petitions of all the employees under one platform with OnBlick’s H-1B Case management system. Employers can auto-generate the Public Access File (PAF) as soon as they upload an In progress LCA (Labor Condition Application).

Maintaining your HR compliance is now just a click away. OnBlick’s Electronic Form I-9 helps employers to complete the remote employee verification & Auto alerts remind HR about the updates in Work Authorization thus keeping the organizations compliant.