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OnBlick Job Board

OnBlick is the first of its kind Digital Job Board with an inbuilt Application Tracking System. Job seekers can explore endless possibilities to land into an amazing career with our aggregated Job Search. OnBlickā€™s integrated job board aggregates the jobs into one single platform enabling the job seeker to apply and manage at the same time.Here is how it works:

Setup Your Job Profile

Sign in with the Gmail/LinkedIn account or create a Job Profile with OnBlick. Our Auto parser understands your expertise and parses important skills.

Set up a One-minute Video Profile

OnBlick enables you to submit to your one-minute video profiles along with the classically styled resumes. These videos help recruiters to understand and get a quick analysis of your communication skills, confidence and technology expertise.

Integrated Job Search

You can search across multiple premium job boards at once with our Integrated job search and find the right job.

Get Matching Compatible Jobs

OnBlick will give you a compatibility score on every matching job posted on its platform, giving you a clear idea on all the available opportunities.

Tracking and Analytics

You can track your job application and can also get visibility into your job search, applications or the market dynamics by auto generated analytics.